Thursday, 8 December 2011

Out and about... not lovin' the looks

I don't undersand why Zoe Wannamaker decided this is a good look. Anyone enlighten me please?  And I am tired of the drag queen tresses and weak waves. Kelly Rowland seems like a lovely girl though... I don't think brunette flatters the lovely Kylie Minogue. I don't think this dress does either.  And Kate Moss wore this  to the Britsih fashion Award. It did no flatter. I did not like it. Why?

This looks like a Project Runway challenge loser. The materials were a tablecloth and Dylon dyes. And Vicortia Beckham cannot fight the chav inside. I salute her for her bod after four kids, but that is all here.  Jojo has such a pretty face and good abs, but not good choice. I ask why with the 'flatform' sandals and socks Fern Britten? Why (must I weep)?
I think Khloe Odom has such a nice personality and a decent figure too, but some of her choices.. and her big sister's choices leave us wanting.  I never really like Nicola Roberts choices. Maybe the different checks and patterns may have worked serpately. Big maybe.

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