Friday, 16 December 2011

Out and about... looking good!

The usual suspects. Chanel Iman is fine. I love the two tone hair.  Michelle Pfiffer looks fabulous (aside from the fact she is over 50). Love Eva Longhoria in plunging purple. Love it.  Amber Le Bon show her pedigree. And I can't believe that Nicole Richie has changed so much from her days with Paris Hilton.
Brangelina co ordinate in navy blue and black. Perfection! Daniel Craig and his co star Rooney Mara, need to give their stylist a bonus.
See what I mean. Big bonus!
Like  Lisa Snowdon's rock chic sequin leggins and stillettos. She carries it well. It's not often that Madonna makes my best dressed. I salute her.  Joan Sims is a model. Supermodel.  I need Leona Lewis' red shoes in my life (have to hack away at the bunions, but it would be worth it!). Amanda Heard in monchrome. We likey.
I like Kim Kardashian better without makeup. And Adele looks fresh and natural without any slap. Another regular, Jessica Alba is fine. Mariah Carey take note: this is how a hot mamma dresses.

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