Friday, 30 December 2011

My 2011 - The improved and confused

Katie Holmes gets it right so often and then this? And Nicole Scherzinger is beautiful but I can't understand her choices. I am getting Alexa Chung more these days. I am liking her choices.  Still not one of my icons, but I get it more.  Rachel Zoe('s team) dress her clients so beautifully (mostly) and then she wears ill fitting clothes that drown her.

Not my taste, but beautifully done. She is a glamazon and her maternity style is well done. Pippa Middleton is over rated in my book. Attractive and the sister of a possible future queen. That is all.  And for me, Elle McPhearson is well preserved, but he looks a little like she tries to hard. Fashion only really works when it seems effortless.

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