Monday, 7 November 2011

My fave looks October..

Sarah Jessica Parker is so effortless. Take note JLo. Take note! And Kerry Washington is fine, fine, fine!
Mother, Heidi Klum does quite well, but little Lou is just so beautiful and cool. Christina Milian rocks my uniform well. Jeans and blouse.

I love the electric blue that Leona Lewis is wearing. I cannot believe the transformation of Jennifer Hudson. Simply stunning. And Solange Knowles channeling her Diana Ross.  And loving Ms Kelly Osborne as a lady in red.
Chanel Iman is just stunning (slightly skinny though). ANd I like these looks for Rachel Zoe. I really like them. It's so nice to see her in a little dress. She is usually swamped in her choices.

I like Kate Bosworth's African inspired draped dress.  And upgraded is hot to trot in Paris. She needs to keep the European stylist.  And Eva Longoria looks so polished and fine.
Fresh meat actress Zawe Ashton plays with textures so beautifully.  Selma Blair effortless and classy. Miranda Kerr is just a clothes horse. Throrough bred! This is the Rihanna style that I know and love.
Alexandra Burke's looks great these days. Gwen Stefani is hot to trot.  And I love Fern Cotton's lace detail. Love it.
Nicole Richie just goes from strength to strength. Just fab.  Natalie Cole is over sixty. I loveSandra Bullock's work and her style. Frida Pinto is also nearly always flawless. Queen Latifah scrubs up so well.
Uma Devine! Camilla Belle (aptly named). And Selena Gomez looks great.

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