Saturday, 21 May 2011

Out and About - not my fave looks

She tries. Melissa Joan Hart tries.  I cannot. I can't WTF Salt'n'Pepa? Really.  I am too darn tired for this. I swear I'll quit.

I do not get the style icon label that Alexa Chung has been given. Just don'tget it.  And people need to know when to leave the lace flares to pole dancers. Nicole Richie is not great in fur. I am disappointed.

I don't know where to begin. Vanessa Feltz, patner and child challenge me to say something nice. I am failing.  I do love Simon Cowell (as much as you can someone you don't know and have never met), but his pointy shoes are killing me softly. Killing me!

Mary J Blige never quite hits the classy button for me. And I think that Donna Karan should know better what suits her.  I hate fur Joan Rivers. Hate it. And good old Jaime Winstone never lets us down.

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