Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Met Ball 2011 - the good, the bad and the lost

The Great

Two of my fave looks were Christina Ricci - vamped up and delicious and Zoe Saldana. Zingy and fresh. Two extremes, fussy and simple, but both utter glamour!looks. Joan Smalls, Alexa Chung and Cassie also caught my attention for all the right reasons too.

Chanel Iman and Rihanna sizzled resspectively in white and black lace.

Poor Beyonce was constricted in her corset dress. I have few words to say about Solange and her choice and even less about Naomi Campbell's dress. I am kind of speachless.

Bad bride syndrome hit the red carper.  I think the dress looks great on Serena Williams, then I see layers of make up, the hair and the hat and I wept. I cluthed my pears and wept. I shuddered and sobbed when I saw Fergie's charity shop 1980's wedding dress. I get it back together when I saw Miranda Kerr, even though the cut of the dress is a little too Barbie doll for me.

Red did not work for many. I'll leave it there. Giselle let me down (still looking better than most ever could!)

Many more when you click on 'read more' below:

The Champagne ladies were a little flat for me. I know Iman is legend, but this is not the greatest look for her.  And Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek and Gwyneth Paltrow, but they kind of look flat for me.

Black, white and grey proved popular. And those who wore it well, killed it.  Jennifer Hudson could have done it better though. Still nice enough.

Madonna said she had a 'fat' day. Still looking toned and sharp.  Also looking her usual lovely self was Penelope Cruz. No shockers for Demi Moore or Diane Kruger either.

Couples (with babies on board!).
Sir Paul McCartney in tartan. That is all I can say on that. Colin Firth always carries his goods well. His wife looks pretty stunning too. And I have to say I did expect a little more from Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. They are having uber stylish pregnancies and I was expecting more - although they do look great.

I did not understand Jennifer Lopez's choice. I'll leave it at that. The same for Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes and Maggie Gylenghall. The latter can/do better.

The Young'uns.  Gennifer in Green. Still needs a little more support. I don't get the world that the Olsen Twins operate in and hence don't really understand the dress. Taylor Swift does well at these thinsgs and I love this gown and the way she carries it. I am less in love with Dakota Fanning's wedding dress number. Open letter to stylists and stars: No more dodgy wedding dresses for the red carpet. Please. Really.

The fashion illuminati! I'll say I think Andre looks radiant. The rest..

With the exception of Stella McCartney (wearing her own lable), most of the most theatrical dresses were McQeen.

I am unsure but don't have the best feeling about Alicia Keys' choice. Likewise, Kerry Washington has a great little figure, but the dress and wig combination irks my senses a little. Janelle Monae is a beautiful lady, but I am so bored of seeing her in these trouser, monochrome outfits.

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