Monday, 30 May 2011

May 2011 - On the Fence

With Kelly, it's the wig. Everything else is on point. I can't put my finger on Zoe Kravitz and Selita Banks' looks, I think the mix and mismatch don't quite work for me. Rachel Ray is usually stunning as is Thandie Newton, I am dissappointed.

Looking better than usual (I think), Fergie, Kesha, Jessica Simpso and Mischa Barton. There may be issues with makeup or 'perfection', but I applaud these ladies for the upgrade. Still on the fence though.

I am not feeling anything special anymore. But that's cool though.

I have mentioned the suit thing with Halle Berry. Yet to have a wow (in a good way) when she wears one. This could be her wardrobe kryptonyte. Kylies shoes look like torture devices. Something off about her look. Kelly Osborne looks a little squeezed in her dress. Asize up would have made her look slimmer. I don't really understand this for Kelis. She is normally so edgy/cool and this is not. It does not offend.

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