Monday, 30 May 2011

May 2011 - Not my best dressed this month

I hang my head. I struggle to continue. People don't understand when clothes are not flattering. I have a rule: If it is not adding to 'my fab' then I strip it back to basics (like an LBD). Less is more.  Please pass it on.

I expect this foolishness from Jennifer Lopez, but I did a double take with Sarah Jessica Parker, below. I feel let down.

Gabourey needs to talk to Jennifer Hudson. Sooner the better for us all. Her health looks like it's about to collapse. And 'I am.. different, look at me' accessories bore me a little.
Emma Watson had a blip. Ms McCord puzzles me. Mischa Barton is other worldly.  And Kiera Knightly demonstrates that maxi can be frumpy.

The 'mutton' edition perhaps. I failed the 'say something nice challenge'.

Olsen twins live in a dress up box. It seems that way to me anyway. There never seems to be conviction with the clothes they wear and often the clothes wear them.

Where to begin. I can't. I refuse. And yes, Rihanna does deserve to be here. The jacket is redundant. Or she should have worn a cami top. She looks like a 'soccer mom'.

Girls aloud with styling to match. That is all.

I don't know who the first two are (I am not a teenager), but I can't even imagine this jumpsuit having hanger appeal. And I officially do not like the scooped/low cut tee shirts that gay guys wear. It is wrong on so many levels. Not feeling Pixie Geldof's clothing/shoe choice. She always manages to look very cheap.

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