Tuesday, 12 July 2011

On the fence

I do like Florence's style for her. I think. I like the jumpsuit that is Yasmin Le Bon is wearing, just not the fugly fur. Even though I like facial hair in general and Tinie Tempah is gorgeous, I am not really feeling the beard. Love little boys who dress up, but for everday? Unsure.
Kim Kardashian would have made my 'looking good' section if she had different shoes. And I know this outfit has nothing to redeem it, other than the fact that my musical hero is wearing it. I love Prince.  Estelle is improving. Kirsten Stewart is still looking uncomfortable and those shoes are not helping her.

Rachel Zoe is better. And I am unsure about Kate Moss and Kerry Washington here. They are beautiful as ever, but something's not right.

When your man lets you down. I sympathise with Katie Holmes here. Tom Cruise needs so much help.

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