Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not the best...

There are people who love Kim Kardashian's style. I am not one of them. Everything is too tight, too high.. just too much. Less is more. Too tight shorts are  not a good look. They actually make a slim girl seem a little chubby.

I am now convinced that Cherly Cole has fired her regular stylist. She has now dyed her hair dirty blonde and seems to make her deginer togs look like New Look clearance. She can do better. As can the beautiful Nicolce Sherzinger.  I am less convinced about Fergie, although I know she can look stunning.

Bandmate Nicola Roberts is not doing herself any favours. My eyes!
I do love Helen Bonham Carter for her 'no rules' fashion sense. But here, I can't, I'm trying to, but I can't.  Something not quite about Jessica White. Beautiful but wears some strange choices that make her look cheap.  Fashionistas in trouble. Rachel Zoe and Kate Moss. No words.
Can somebody from the block help Jennifer Lopez get it back. She always looks uncomfortable in what she wears. And I don't understand Salma Hayek's shoe/boot thing. At all.  Cher and Kathy sitting 'pretty'. I won't go there. I respect their age.

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