Monday, 11 April 2011

April so far - No my fave

Mickey Rourke should not draw attention to himself. Neither should Vanessa Feltz in these kinds of outfits. Ashanti's little sister is larger, but showcasing the 'rolls' of flesh is not a good choice. And Nicole Kidman has a look of altered beauty.

Heidi swinging on that good/not so good looks pendulum again. And Trinny an Sussanah have the cheek to advise women what not to wear. I urge the ladies to look in the mirror. Really.
I heart Kelis, but do not understand her trousers. And Toni Braxton needs to know her own strengths and weaknesses before she makes a garment choice. The same goes for Christina Hicks.  Josh Duhamel is so mistaken.
Again, 'know' your limitations Ms Buchanan. And get to know a little taste Irina.  The Kardashians doing what they do best.. And I don't understand this look from Claudia Schiffer.
I don't know who would wear that length and width of trouser. Ahh, Denise Van Outen! And the frou frou of Collen Rooney's dress puts me off. I am never really convinced with Fern Cotton's look. Taylor Momsen is playing dress up a little too often.

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