Friday, 29 April 2011

Not the best so far this month.. April 11

Hayden Pattinere needs to hire a stylist who recognises that she is not a middle aged housewife.  And the Olsen sisters just need to shop on the high street (and give me their millions!). Jessica White looking a little 'not quite'. Again.

Usher has worn this look beyond death. It needs to be buried. ASAP.  I don't understand why Catherine Hiegle does not own a mirror. It's my only explanation of this. And this is the most flattering angle for Christina Aguilera's outfit. And I don't understand why wear clothes that do not fit well (and don't look good).

I expect more from Vanessa Williams. Having left Ugly Betty, her style has slipped a little. This batwing polyester looking (though probably silk) jumpsuit leaves me wanting.  I wont't go on about 'the mose beautiful woman in the world'. Just her choice in clothing. It is not good.  And Mica Paris, ex host of what not to wear is showing us all how not to wear it.

Lindsay Lohan. I can't - it's all a mess.  Mischa Barton, Paige and an Olsen twin, demonstrate how not to accent red in your outfit.

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