Friday, 29 April 2011

Not sure this month so far

I love the works of Lauryn Hill, Zandra Rhodes and Christy Turlington. Their unique style will stand the test of time, however today I have questions..

Estelle, Oh Estelle. There's a stylist out there who wants you to release your inner fab!

I love Halle Berry, but this month I am disappointed with her usually sharp dress sense.  I can't say I love the colour and cut of dresses that she has chosen.  I had/have a secret spot for Thierry Henry and I usually love facial hair, but this is not really working too well for me. I'd be happy to get it in shape for him.

It's the sidesow Bob wig and then the crocket false lashes that makes us mortals feel OK.  Not that I like it when people look 'average', it just serves to remind us all that we're not so bad really.
Khloe Kardashian has a nice/normal figure. However, her choices have made her look larger than she is and also do not flatter. I am unsure about her sister Kourtney's jumpsuit. It is too long on her.
Gadboury Sidebe is still dangerously obsese. I cannot see past that.  And Lea Michele is too thin. I don't think that is a good look. I expect 'quirky' from Solange Knowles. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't. I can't make up my mind here.

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