Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Grammys - The unsure

Ciara has a killer body,
but there is something not quite right. I am being too hard on her. I just think the place for lace flares is on a stripper pole.

Something about Jlo is not sitting right here.
She insists in squeezing herself into dresses that are not her size. She has a good figure and can afford dresses that actually fit.

Congrats Taylor Swift
on the Grammys, but I have to say this dress makes her look totally flat chested. It gives her no shape. She looks quite contricted. Still maintains her cuteness though.

The beautiful Rhianna.
I am undecided on this gown and the makeup etc. Dare I say a little too 'drag'.

Oh Fergie!
The gown is great but something 'untoward in the drinking water' look about her face. I the veneers are too big perhaps or maybe over-botoxed. Ladies, we are supposed to age and it is more beautiful to do it naturally.
Dare I say?..
Nicole Kidman is just a little bit scary to me. There, I said it. Her look is a little robotic and it frightens me a little

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