Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Grammys - The Good

Nothing Common about you baby,
My guilty secret. Common pushes my buttons and makes me melt *fans herself*, but he is looking extra fine here.

Yes, I am totally sober. It's all about performances and she never stops. It's about non stop entertainment and she does what is required.

This dress is beautifully cut. It flows so elegantly. Well done Sheryl Crowe.

Miley Cyrus. She has a great stylist and always pulls something out of the bag for the big red carpet events.

Jenny from block. Lovely look. She needs to stick with her stylist who definitely brings out the best in her.
B and J
Beyonce's chain, sequin and metallic mini dress is perfect for her. Her wig is not too outrageous and the colouring suits her. She's looking good.

Keri Hilson's look is stunning. She does grown up glamour very well.

Fergie makes a best dressed list with this electric blue and gold mini version of the purple dress she wore on the red carpet last month (that did not work at all). Upgraded very nicely!

is such a spunky lady who usually pulls out something stunning when the occaison requires. Looking lovely and her beau scrubbed up nicely too.

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