Saturday, 27 February 2010

February Worst Dressed - the winners?

The winners are:
Nancy, you are wearing an abomination. Donna Karan, you sooo should know better. I love her voice and she is waay to fab for this dress. Bleeding heart, bleeding dress, bleeding wrong!

Patti Smith. Eccentric or bad? Methinks the latter. tries to hard for my liking. He should try harder to find clothes that fit. Liz Hurley, you know we can see your boobs and you we know you know better.
They tried too hard..
An Institution, so it hurts me to say how awful this outfit is. Almost as much as it hurts my eyes. One can't help but think this is a vision of Ms Geldof in 30 years time. Scary image of a maestro and protégée. Toni Braxton, pretty face and hair, unflattering outfit.

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