Sunday, 15 April 2012

Out and about - Why?

There is so much wrong with Melody Thornton's look. We can over look the skunk hair, but we REFUSE with the dress. REFUSE! Why Key Osborne? Why? I know Amber Rose is an attention junkie, but I cannot with with the gorilla trainers (or anything else with the look).  I cannot wait for this Stella McCartney dress to be retired. The emperor is NAKED! This dress does not work.

The horses are out. It is the grand national and I can't believe that the trend for the hoof platform has not abated. I can't for much longer. And good old Nancy Dell Ollo. She thinks she looks good and that is what counts.

I don't love Lana Del Rey's choice (or knifed up nose and lips). Again, I don't get the attraction. I do like Rihanna, she has something really special, but I am not loving this choice. At all. And Kylie is in her mid forties and is a look that Rihanna might be able to carry off, but not Kylie anymore. It just ages her now. She is too fab for this. I like Kirsten Stewart's top half, but the skirt reminds me of my school uniform (French Navy, unflattering A-line). I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now.

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