Thursday, 5 April 2012

Out and about - not my fave looks

Know your true size and dress for it. Nancy Dell Ollo looks great for her age, but she just screams mutton to me.  And Jesse J has a great singing voice. I will leave it there.

Oh J Lo, I do not like real fur. and the legging trend as trousers needs to stop. It is exercise wear, or thick hosiery. They are not trousers.  Riddle me this, why dress drawing so much attention to yourself, and then hide your face? *yawns* I am a little bored with Lady Gaga.  Tulisa from X Factor just really has anti-swagger with clothes. She has all the right features and a nice figure, but she just does not look attractive to me. Ever.  And I think Simon Cowell should save his moobs for his special lady (and the pointy Cuban heels while he's at it). Why must I weep, Katie Holmes? Why?

Chloe Sevigny just looks like she does not have a clue here. It's a shame because I have seen her in some fierce looks. This is not one of them.  And I still can not with Jessica White. She is a model and knows better. La la Anthony has pretty eyes. Let's move on to the next.  I am baffled by the hairy boob look that Karolina Kourkova is riding. Baffled and I refuse. I quit.

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