Thursday, 5 April 2012

Out and about - On the fence with these looks

Rihanna is a beautiful lady. I am just unsure about this jacket as a dress. I think it needs some nice black cigarette trousers.  And I love a little Beyonce, she is stunning and so sweet and protective of her young. I am confused by the fur content of her cardigan. I am pleasantly surprised that Rachel Zoe is wearing something that fits her.

I think they have fabulous figures, but Cathy and Naomi Campbell look like they borrowed a couple of teenagers dresses.  And Kesha looks clean and decent. We'll leave the comments there.

I nearly really like J Lo's outfit. She is maintaining well in her forties.  And I wish Victoria Beckham smiled more. She always looks uptight and a little miserable, my sources tell me she is a funny sweet person. Good for Lindsay Loham for taking a wash and wearing a coat that I need in my life.  I do like Rachel Roy, but recently, her choices are leaving me a little baffled.

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