Saturday, 27 August 2011

Not the best dressed...

Rachel Zoe should know better. I think as a stylist, she dresses her clients beautifully (mostly), but I rarely like the choices she makes for herself. I think the Williams sisters are talented and attractive. Deep sighs* Perhaps investing in some quality wigs/weaves might detract from the drag queen makeup? I am not loving the garments either.

I am not loving Rihanna's choice here. I don't like the trousers or the top. Or the hair. Sorry. Eve might think about hiring a new stylist.  And when your shoes are collapsing you need to take action. Ms Gabby Sidibe is not looking healthy. And I don't like the X factor judges are not looking great.
Kardashians are hit and miss. For me Kim is a miss most of the time, but I could be biased. I ususally like Kourtney's style, but she has her off choices. I think this is one of them.  I don't like the Zoey Dechanel's monochrom choice. Sorry.  Pretty girl though.

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