Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Looking Good!

Beyonce looks so cute these days. Whatever she is doing, she needs to keep on doing it.  And Kelly Rowland is hottest in simplicity.  Christina Brinkley is 57 years old. Done very well.  Holds up well with younger models. I don't think I would like to be photgraphed next to her.

Hot brunettes!  Ms Turlington is hot to trot for summer. What is the length? Not maxi, not mid... I'm thinking on it.  Loving Katie Holmes wardrobe this summer.  And Mila Kunis is cute as a button. And Olivia Palermo is so perfect looking. Maix skirt and sweet.

Hot mamas and papas. Halle Berry looks like a gorgeous happy mum. Her baby girl is more and more stunning everyday.  Jessica Alba officially has the most stylish pregnancy ever. And hot papa Gavin Rossdale.. My friend Amanda says she remembers girls buzzing around him in clubs before he was married. He still has it!
And hot mamma, pappa, and baby, Kimora Lee Honsou and hot hubby and beautiful son!

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