Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Out and about.. the good, bad and ugly!

The good: At last Alesha Dixon's stylist got something right! I am not loving the shoes though. Loving Octavia Spencer looks yummy in a wrap dress. And welcome out and about Beyonce. Poured her new mama curves in a bodycon red number.

Would someone please invent spanx for moobs. Please. I mean I refuse! I leiu of moob spanx, just throw on a tight t shirt to restrain the 'sag'. And I do see the pointy boots, I just cannot venture! I am going to say 'naked emperor' with this Victoria Beckham dress. It is not a good choice - I think it might work as a shower curtain. Fur is ugly and wrong, then there is Nancy Del Ollo. And Jessica White looks... I want to say cheap, but that is too classy a word for this ugly, polyester  lace sexshop jumpsuit. I do see the wig, but I quit. I can not. Must I weep? Why?

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