Monday, 6 February 2012

Lovin' these looks

The usual suspects, Sarah Jessica Parker is stunning in her choices. I am loving Rashida Jones choices.  And Vanessa Hudgens looks lovely.  Love Halle Berry. Fine wine just getting better and better!

Rihanna at her beautiful best.  Zoe Saldana rocking casual finess. Not often I like Ashani's choices, but I did love the slate satin.

Not often that I like Madonna's choices.  She looks fabulous in a sparkly, lace shift dress.  Katherine Heigle is glamming up well. I like Deborah Messing's choice. Keira Knightly looks so beautiful in this maxi dress.gown. I love Emily Blunts face and hair and the idea of the dress works, the execution is somewhat lacking.
Heidi Klum is a supermodel mom. When she is on her game, everything works well.  And yes, it is Kim Kardashian on my looking good list. I love this outfit. It is classy and sexy too.  Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes, lovely latina fashionistas.

I do like Vannesa Feltz's choice here. It flatters and she looks good. Rooney Mara is as expected. I love Melanie Brown's hair and jumpsuit. I envy her ability to work her body in shape. Ms Kimora Lee too fine these days!

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