Monday, 6 February 2012

Not the best looks so far

Emili Sande is only 24. This look ages. And Carol Voderman is a clever woman and should know that just because you can fit in it, does not mean it fits.  And Marina Diamandis is 'rocking' grey granny chic. I don't understand it. At all. Maisy is rocking the winter slut look. I'm sorry I can't. Is it a jumpsuit or onesie, or just ugly...? Even a beautiful woman can't carry this ish off.

I am too lazy distubed to google her name, because there is too much wrong with this look. Justin Beiber is young. I will leave it there. Natalie Cassidy and mates in style and acrylic false lashes.. I refuse, I quit.. I can't.

I know it seems like I am being tough on Kate Beckinsdale by putting her on this list.  But she looks overdone a little in the Kim Kardashian school of style.  And I rarely like Jennifer Lopez' choices. This is not exception.  I have to say the same of Kim Kardashian.  Rachel Zoe... There is no excuse for this. None!

I appreciate that Seal is a rock star. I don't appreciate his style. At all.  And Katie Perry has such beautiful energy, unfortunately, not the best choices. I am so not feeling the smurf blue hair. And Madonna is an icon. I will leave it there.

Tulisa is channelling the chav. She does it very well. I don't really know why Rachel Roy chose this office worker ensemble for the red carpet. And Miley Cyrus' choice leaves me cold. Poor Gerry Halliwell - the fur and leather is just not nice. At all.

And Rachel Zoe. Again.  Jennifer Lopez puzzles me. Really.  Mark Owen's boots disturb me. As does Blake Lively's. Why must I weep?

I am very dissapointed with Rooney Mara here. She has been fashions ethereal darling until now. Another reality TV wannabe with too much (synthetic hair, lashes and makeup), and too little clothing. Daphne Guiness scares me somewhat. Cory Fielding does not look great. Those Payless shoes are not fine. 

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