Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Out and About - On the fence

Kirsten Stewart just seems so uncomfortable with her choices. She has the face and figure to carry it all off, but somehow leaves me wanting. I am unsure about Kelly Rowland's choices. Just unsure.

Two Kardashian sisters looking decent. I like the understated chic, but it's still 'not quite'. And Melissa Joan Hart really tries. And there we will leave it.
JLo should take a leaf from her sister's style book. I feel a little bored with the choice Kerry Washinton made. And I want to show some love to Estelle.. she kinda makes it hart.

Jennifer Hudson does not really have the legs for this dress. Plus the seams are busting out too. Angela Bassett looks fab, less the tights. I am not sure about the facial hair for Tinie Tempah. I think if ALexandra Burke wore a belt, all would have been really good.

Vanessa Felzt and Kesha look better than usual. I don't know what to say about Scarlett Johansen. Perhaps: eat something.  Kimora's face looks a little touched and there is something 'not right' about Irina's top lip.  I'll say no more, because I know no more.

I am not comfortable with the profile of Nicole Scherzinger's figure. She looks pretty though. I like Heidi Klum's outfit in part. I think it is the top part. And Camilla Alves looks a littel too much like a provincial lady wearing her best for the city.

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