Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Out & About - not so good

Whilst I can appreciate the hair and make up have improved, Estelle still has not got round to hiring/firing her stylist. Someone please help a sister out! Kelly ROwland has a great body, but the top would have been better with wide legged trousers  and the bottom .. in the bin.

X factor missing here for me with Tulisa and Nicole. The choices seem a little cheap off the mark for me.

I say that Lindy Cundy and Elen Rives will not return to this blog, however... It is informative to know how 'professional want/need to be celebrities' do classy.  I don't understand Trudie Styler's choice. At all. And no favours have been done with Holly Valance's choice.

I have no words for (dear) Britney Spears, Salma Hayek and Nicole Kidman's clothing. None that would fall into the 'say something nice' remit.
I can't think what decade of life this would look good on a straight gu Santana. Certainly not in his sixties. And even though Curtis Jackson can blame the flammable hair on a 'film role'. There is no excuse for the matching flammable 80's cut suit.
I do love Serena Williams as a professional athelete, however, my admiration is often stunted when it comes to her choices in weave and garment. I say the same for Kerry Hilson. No words for Leeane Rimes. And Naomi Campbell gets it so right and so worng, so often.
Jennifer Ellison would have looked perfect in one or two sizes bigger. We have all been there (dress size denial) and it is not a good place.
Nicola Roberts has interesting taste. And by interesting, I mean really not good.

Shoes too small, dresses too tight, overdone make up and hair extensions.. I do think that JLo is attractive, but this just kills it a little for me.

Do they not own mirrors (in well lit rooms)? Jessica Szor and Kylie Minogue.

I don't reall like this two different dresses sewn into one look that Gwyneth Paltrow has thrown on. And I think Rachel Zoe should know better.  Padma Lashmi's dress looks like her 'front bottom' is eating the fabric. And I don't know what is up with Al Pacino. I do respect his craft, just not the choice of garments.

Fashionistas with this style. Lily Allen and Sarah Owen. Pixie Geldof looking better than usual, but still. And well...

How it looked on Kim Kardashian and how it should have looked. Buy your size ladies. Kim Kardashian seems to like getting things a size too small. Her sisters have not done so well either this month.

Seem like nice ladies, but not feeling the choices this month so far.

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