Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fugly Fur

Kanye and Amber.
I so wanted this blog to be a positive thing, but fur is wrong and it does not look good. I love Kanye West's music. He is talented (if lacking in the humility department) and successful. He has written funny, conscious, prophetic and socially insightful lyrics, so it seems that he is aware of his foolery dripping in diamonds (we know there is no such thing as a clean diamond) and draped in fur coats. He recently ranted against the fashion bloggers, but I think that he screams for their attention

And Marisa Tomei..
WTF. Did a stylist do this to you? I hope you can blame someone else for this f##'ery.

*blank stares all round. More ridiculous dressing when you read the rest..

Looking for a good time?

I know one should be free to express oneself. These clothes are just shouting something to me about ummm.. let's just call it a profession. And Kanye is actually looking quite nice!

The Condom look
I think he knows fur is ugly.

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